Who We Help

We are the main fundraising body and largest private funder of Perth Children’s Hospital, as we were for Princess Margaret Hospital. 100 per cent of funds raised through the Foundation are made available to the hospital and its related entities.


Perth Children’s Hospital

Perth Children’s Hospital opened on 10 June 2018,  and with its increased capacity and huge advances in technology, comes the challenge of ensuring the hospital remains at the forefront of paediatric healthcare.

Whilst the State Government funded the build and initial fit-out of the hospital, the Foundation will continue to be called upon to fund initiatives outside of its day to day running, including supporting;

  • Professorial Chairs of Expertise,
  • Research Fellowships and funding for clinical research
  • Unique training opportunities for staff
  • Leading-edge equipment as it becomes available
  • moments of happiness, respite and fun for patients and families

Find out more about Perth Children’s Hospital and the facilities it will provide to our children at the PCH Website.

Perth Children's Hospital

Princess Margaret Hospital

Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) for Children was a 220-bed, internationally recognised paediatric facility that treated children and adolescents aged 15 years and younger from around Western Australia and at the time, was the state’s only tertiary paediatric hospital. PMH officially closed its doors on 10 June 2018, and was replaced by Perth Children’s Hospital, after caring for kids for 109 years.

The Foundation was the main fundraising body and largest private funder of Princess Margaret Hospital, as we now are for Perth Children’s Hospital. Each year Foundation donations supported thousands of children who relied on PMH for care and treatment. In the past year;

  • Over 71,000 children have presented to the Emergency Department
  • More than 11,000 surgical procedures have been performed on children
  • In the region of 187,000 outpatient visits have been attended by children and their families
  • Children have been admitted as hospital inpatients over 28,500 times



child and adolescent community health service

The Child and Adolescent Community Health Service (CACHS) works alongside the hospital to provide a comprehensive range of health promotion and early identification and intervention services within the Western Australian community. CACHS offers services to children and families, focusing on growth and development in the early years and promoting wellbeing during childhood and adolescence.

For more information about the Child and Adolescent Community Health Service, please visit their website.


child and adolescent mental health service

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) works alongside the hospital to provide mental health programs within the Western Australian community and also within a hospital setting.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services are available for children and young people under the age of 18, as well as their families, who are experiencing significant mental health issues. Children and families are referred to these services by their treating therapist, specialist, GP, school or other community organisation.

For more information about the Child and Adolescent Mental Health service, as well as information on how to access these services, please visit the CAMHS website.