Christmas Lights – your online resources

Thank you for registering for Christmas Lights for the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

By fundraising for Christmas Lights you are guaranteed to make a difference to the lives of sick kids throughout Western Australia and we are here to support you every step of the way! This year, funds raised will go towards Fun on Four which is the continuation of our Megazone facility at PMH.

Here you will find plenty of resources and ideas to help you make the most of your fundraising. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Sarah McNamara via email or 6456 5554 at any time.

Helpful information

The Foundation and the Hospital

Please follow the links below to find out more about the Foundation and the new Perth Children’s Hospital. Feel free to share any information on your social media pages to show your supporters how their donations will make a difference.

Read more about Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Read more about the new Perth Children’s Hospital (external link).

Read more about Fun on Four

Our ambassadors

Christmas Lights Perth Children's Hospital FoundationThis year we have two beautiful ambassadors – six year old Nick and four year old Ruby!

Both Nick and Ruby are patients of Perth Children’s Hospital and previously at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Please feel free to share their stories on your social media pages and talk about them with neighbours, family and friends during the campaign. They are excited to be the faces of Christmas Lights and are hoping to visit as many displays as they can.

Nick’s full story.

Ruby’s full story.



Our social media accounts

Get snapping! We want to see your incredible Christmas Lights campaign. Here are the links to all our official social media accounts so you can like, follow and tag us!

Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation Facebook page – please tag us on your page and keep an eye out as we will aim to promote all houses and Stitches visits.

Stitches the Bear’s Facebook page – add him as a friend and invite him to like your page and attend any special events.

Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation on Instagram – please tag us in your posts @PCHFWA.

Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation on Twitter – please tag us in your posts @PCHFWA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: HELP!! What if I need more donation tins, posters, merchandise etc?
A: Please contact us at and we can stock you up!

Q: What do I do with my donation tins and money?
A: We ask that you return your donation tins unopened to our office when we reopen on 2nd January 2019 and no later than 31st January 2019. We will open your tins; count the money and double check the amount with the bank. As soon as we have confirmation from the bank, we will contact you to let you know your fundraising total!

Q: What if I have merchandise money?
A: Please put any money from merchandise sales into the donation tins. Please note, if you are making merchandise sales you may require a float for visitors requiring change. Make sure you have a responsible person managing merchandise sales and that the float is properly reconciled.

Q: Do I need a raffle permit?
A: A permit is not needed where;
the sale of tickets and declaration of prizes takes place on the same day and the total value of all prizes does not exceed $2,000
OR if the total value of all prizes does not exceed $200.
For more information on raffles or to apply for a raffle permit, click here

Q: Do I need a food permit?
A: Each local council has different food safety requirements. If you are holding a sausage sizzle or have food vans or ice-cream trucks attending your event, please contact your local council directly to see what permits, if any, are required.

Q: How do I stop people parking in my street?
A: If you have a nearby school or park with parking, why not ask them if you can direct traffic there on your big fundraising night?
Simple signs or volunteers on the night can direct cars to parking. Please seek permission first and be mindful that some schools may have evening events on during this time of year.


Our tips and ideas

Fundraising tips

  • Nick-SurprisedInclude your family and friends in your campaign; send out an email inviting them to visit your Christmas Lights display and make a donation.
  • Get your children involved. Kids often have the best ideas!
  • Be creative; host a Christmas-themed party at your house and charge admission.
  • Create a Facebook page or group for your campaign. It’s an easy and free way to let people you know what you’re raising money for, where they can see your display and when you’re hosting fundraising activities.
  • Get cooking! Bake sales are always a hit and there are so many Christmas time treats to choose from! Or why not put on a sausage sizzle. Remember that food hygiene laws will apply if you intend to sell food in a public place. Please contact your local council for more information.
  • Ask your employer to donate to your campaign. They may even like to consider matching your donations dollar for dollar!
  • Get out there and talk to the people who come to visit your Christmas Lights display. Use your posters/signage to ensure they are aware you are raising funds for Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation and don’t be afraid to ask for a donation!
  • Recruit volunteers to approach cars passing by your Christmas Lights display and ask for donations. Make it easy for people to give.
  • Thank your donors in a heartfelt and timely way. Share your successes and let your donors know the impact of their donations.
  • Direct people to donate online. If you know someone who would like to donate but cannot make it to your display please direct them to your online fundraising page or to where they can easily make a donation.

Social media tips

  • RubyFollow our official accounts (listed above) and tag us in any relevant posts. We always try our best to comment and like our Christmas Lights participants posts, and where we can we will share the posts to Stitches Bear’s Facebook page.
  • Whenever possible use an image! Images work much better than a plain text post on Facebook and will help with getting your message out there.
  • Use our social media images below. We listened to your feedback from last year and have created a number of different images you can use on social media to promote special activities at your display. Download them below.
  • Encourage all your friends, family and neighbours to support your Christmas Lights campaign on social media.
  • Tag your friends and ask them to share your posts to their own pages/accounts or ask them to tag other friends to let more people know about your display.
  • Share updates on your display regularly to create excitement – why not show people behind the scenes of your display coming together?
  • Ask your social media followers questions. This helps to get people engaged and excited. What about – “What’s your favourite Christmas carol?” or “What’s your favourite Christmas movie?” or “What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?”
  • Talk about Christmas! Christmas is not just about presents and Santa, it’s also about giving back and spending time with family and friends. If you have a favourite Christmas message or quote, share it and spread the joy!
  • Post regularly. The more you post, the more chances you have to reach new people.
  • Post at the right times. There’s no point putting out a post at 1:00am when most people are in bed as no one will see it! Think about when you use social media and try to post during those times as chances are that’s when everyone else uses social media too!

How to take the best photo of your lights

A photo of your Christmas Lights display will be used for our online listings on the buggybuddys website and in an album on our Facebook page. It is important your photo captures how lovely your lights really are and entices people to come and visit!

Nick and StitchesYou don’t need a fancy camera to take a good shot; it is possible to take beautiful photos with your mobile phone.

Here are our  tips to help you capture the best photo of your lights:

Include people in your photo! We want to see the smiling faces responsible for your gorgeous Christmas lights display! Take the shot at twilight while there is still enough light to see you standing proudly in front of your masterpiece.

Take the photo at the right time of day. Don’t wait until it is completely dark to take your shot. Your lights will show up better if there is still a bit of light in the sky – somewhere between sunset and full dark.

Take more than one shot. Practice makes perfect and you’ll have more chances of getting that perfect shot! You can always delete the extras you do not want to use. If you have an iPhone try the burst mode.

Keep your camera still. If you are shooting with your mobile phone use both hands and brace against something solid to reduce any shake or movement.

Forget the flash. This will interfere with the lights on your display.

Provide professional photos. If a professional photographer has captured a beautiful shot of your Christmas lights display, ask them for permission to use that photo to promote visits to your home. Many photographers will be happy for you to use their photos for this purpose. Just make sure you let them know exactly where the photo will be used.

For more tips check out these handy links:

How to promote to local media

The best way to encourage local media to support your Christmas Lights display is to issue a media release. Please see our PDF below with instructions on how to write one.

We encourage you to aim to submit your media release at least four weeks prior to your event to give journalists time to organise an article. So plan ahead from the date of your fundraising activity or “lights on” event.

Our steps for contacting the media:

  1. Write your media release.
  2. Email your media release to for approval.
  3. Identify what local journalist(s) you can send your media release to. You can find contact details for your local community newspaper on the inside cover. Also, search on Twitter and Facebook to find out what journalists work in your area – a lot of journalists have their own Twitter account and they are always on the lookout for local stories.
  4. Try phoning the journalist first to introduce yourself and your event.
  5. After your phone call, email your approved media release to the journalist.
  6. If you haven’t heard from them after five to seven days, make a follow-up phone call.
  7. If you do receive media interest, or a story appears in the media please let us know!


Downloadable resources

Printable promotional materials

Download our resources below and print them at home to help promote your display.

Join the campaign flyer: If you know anyone who would like to join you in shining bright for the kids, please share the flyer below far and wide.
Ways you can spread the word:

  1. Email the flyer
  2. Upload the flyer to Facebook
  3. Print and hand out to neighbours and friends
  4. Post up at work, school, your local club or community noticeboard

Let’s make 2018 our BIGGEST Christmas Lights campaign yet!

Social media content

Download our social media images below to use on your Facebook and Instagram profiles. We have also created some suggested text that you can copy/paste and use as well.

The image will open when you click download so just right click on the image and select “Save As” to save a copy or press and hold the image to Save on your iPhone.

Character Visit

Download image

Suggested text (copy/paste to use):

[Insert character name] will be visiting our Christmas Lights display tonight. All funds raised for Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation to will go towards the Fun on Four recreational area at the hospital.  Don’t forget to bring some money to make a donation at our display!  Thanks to and/or

Stitches Visit

Download image

Suggested text (copy/paste to use):

Stitches will be visiting our Christmas Lights display tonight.  We are raising funds for the kids at Perth Children’s Hospital! Don’t forget to bring some money so you can make a donation at our display!

Fundraising Event Tonight

Download image

Suggested text (copy/paste to use):

Our very special fundraising event is on tonight. All funds raised for Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation to will go towards the Fun on Four recreational area at the hospital. Don’t forget to bring some money to make a donation at our display! 

Donate Online

Download Ruby image

Download Nick image

Suggested text (copy/paste to use):

If you are unable to visit our Christmas lights display this December, you can still donate to Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation online at