Helping kids like Conor!

Over the last 12 years, Princess Margaret Hospital has become Conor’s second home.

Conor has Systemic Lymphangiectasia a rare disease that means his lymph nodes don’t work so he has to have regular surgeries to drain built up fluid from his brain, lungs and other organs.

Conor’s mum, Sam is taking on the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation Abseil this year to raise funds for the hospital that Conor relies on.

Conor with Stitches at PMH's Megazone.

Conor with Stitches at PMH’s Megazone.

“PMH have looked after Conor since he was 4 months old. We consider the hospital staff part of our family. Having spent so much time there, it’s great to see the resources and equipment being improved upon by the Foundation, making life just that little easier for families,” explains Sam.

“I have signed up to abseil because I want to raise a decent chunk of change for the wonderful people at PMH that keep our son alive!”

Sam is encouraging others to join her and take on the Abseil challenge to help Conor and the many kids like him.

“If you have a child or children that are perfectly healthy, then spare a thought for those who aren’t so lucky. Then spare some time to raise money and take on this challenge!”

“In terms of fundraising and asking your friends and family for donations I think you just have to go for it. Be confident enough to ask – enough people have experienced PMH for themselves or their loved ones to donate.”

“Some things that I would suggest for fundraising are; organise a workplace morning tea once a week for a month and place a donation tin in your local store (with permission!). Also, photos and videos are far more effective than words alone; so show people your passion for this cause!”

We asked Sam what she is most looking forward to about abseiling 40 storeys off one of Perth’s landmark CBD buildings.

“I’m looking forward to standing on the edge, looking out over Perth. If Conor can face his challenges with such bravery, then I can certainly take that first step off the top of QV1!”

Way to go Sam, we are super proud of you and the rest of #TeamConor for taking on the Abseil for the kids!

If you’re interested in Abseiling this year, visit Urban Descent for details.

If you’d like to donate to Sam or another Abseiler’s fundraising page visit the website and search their name under “Sponsor a Friend”.

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