Coffees and cute emails – the presumptions of an internship

In late October 2014 Population Health, Media and Communications student Jacinta Hayward joined the PMH Foundation team as our Marketing & Communications intern. Read on to find out in her own words, what she thought of the experience.

“As a media student, all my presumptions about interning were based on what I’d seen on TV and in movies. I thought I would probably become the Foundation’s informal barista or start a collection of funny emails featuring cute animals that I’d send to co-workers.

But as soon as I started at PMH Foundation, I realised how wrong my presumptions had been!
I got to interact with some of the most kind and hardworking people I have ever met, in an environment where authenticity and effort is more important than deadlines or personal gain.

Most days involved documenting media coverage, analysing social media data, helping come up with content ideas, writing small articles (like this one!) and distributing the Foundation’s newsletter, Bear Facts throughout the hospital.

Jacinta at Bear by Night Ball

Jacinta (second from left) with PMH Foundation staff members Sandra, Georgia and Charlotte at the 2015 Bear by Night Ball

As an intern for over eight months I also got the opportunity to be involved in a whole range of PMH Foundation activities including volunteering at the Bear by Night Ball and Wear a Bear Day street appeal in the city. I also got to help out at regular Pancake Days at the hospital’s cancer ward, (or crepe days, considering my cooking skills!) as well as two Stitches’ Bear Fairs – which was great fun.

I would encourage anyone who is currently studying in a similar field and wants to make a difference, to apply for an internship at PMH Foundation, or even just put your hand up to volunteer. There are so many different experiences to be had and so many wonderful people to meet!

I’d like to say a final thank you to PMH Foundation, in particular Sandra and Jordan, the ladies I sat across from, for all your support, offers of cups of tea and answers to my numerous questions. I had a great experience as an intern and learnt so much that I will take with me well into my career.”

From all the staff at PMH Foundation, we would like to wish Jacinta all the best for her last few years of university as well as her future career endeavours.

We hope you continue to be passionate and ambitious.

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