Joel’s Heroes

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes; we’re getting everyone to share their heroes and raise money for the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation in our Dare to be a Hero campaign!


16 year old Joel has Cystic Fibrosis and is currently receiving treatment in ward 7Teen. Joel wrote to us to tell us about some of his heroes. Some of them might be a little confronting, but that’s the reality of living with Cystic Fibrosis.


  1. My Mum; because she does everything for me.

She has stayed with me every time since I was a baby except one time. Dad stayed for a week and two weeks ago she was very sick with the flu so Dad stayed for two weeks. My Mum is port competent so she can needle my port and she can change my button. She takes my dressings off slowly and it doesn’t hurt. She doesn’t never cry. She is tough like Hercules.


  1. My Daddyboy

He stayed with me for 2 weeks when Mum was sick. My Dad has Diabetes, so does my Uncle Briany. Uncle has mesothelioma too.


  1. Jeslyn my sister was washing my neb pots and cleaning my PEG when she was four.

Mum said when she was 3 she said “Mummy you forgot his Ciprofloxacin” ? She helps me with school work. Jeslyn won a maths scholarship and got into engineering class. She is very smart.


  1. John Wayne Parr

Well he is fighting for his 100th win at Muay Thai. I met JWP in Megazone at PMH when I was 8. He’s my Kuda.


  1. Angie Parr is a retired world Muay Thai champ too.

She has lots of title belts. She is very friendly and sent me and Jeslyn Boonchu Gym jumpers. She cares about me a lot.


  1. Jazzy Parr is their daughter and she is a Muay Thai champion too.

Jazzy dedicated a fight to me. That makes her my hero. That was very thoughtful of her to do that.


  1. My Uncle Gary John is my hero.

Did you know he had an aneurysm and he nearly died when I was a baby and he still teaches Muay Thai?!


  1. Walter van Praag is my hero.

He walked the bibbilman track and he has CF just like me! Walter sent me a book called Walter and the Mucus Monsters. We had burgers at Bucks Diner in Bunbury one time.


  1. Matty and Kaila have CF and they got married.

Mum met Kaila and her Mum when I was a little boy. Matt and Kaila both had lung transplants. Matt became a personal trainer. Matty is my hero because he was very skinny like me and he got really fit. Matt has got rejection and is sadly dying now. Matty will always be my hero. Kaila is my hero because she had a transplant too and she has been a good friend to my Mum. They visited me on 9A one time.


  1. Zack is my hero.

His lung Function was 28% and he started cross fit and his lung function went up to 45% and then he got taken off the transplant list. Zack is a hero for all the kids with CF.


  1. Coen is my hero.

He had CF and died when he needed a kidney transplant. He was always happy and never complained. He skied down the Murray River on a jet ski. Only a hero could do that!



We think Joel’s heroes are pretty special, and we want you to help kids like Joel by daring to be a hero for the kids at PMH!


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