Meet Noah

Claire had five weeks left until her due date when she couldn’t feel her baby moving inside her and knew something wasn’t right.


Noah using the Medi-Therm Cooling System funded by Foundation donors


She called her local hospital and a few hours later little Noah made his dramatic entrance into the world. Born by an emergency caesarean, Noah needed to be resuscitated as he had lacked oxygen for up to five minutes prior to his birth.


Babies deprived of oxygen and blood to the brain, at birth or just beforehand, are at risk of brain injury or death. When Noah was just hours old he had two seizures which led to swelling on his brain.


A high temperature was causing the swelling. To bring it down, doctors rushed Noah onto the Medi-Therm Cooling System at Princess Margaret Hospital. The system constantly monitors the child and adjusts the temperature to maintain the desired level. Then over the next 12 hours the child is gradually warmed to a normal temperature of 36.5°C.


The Medi-Therm system costs over $20,000 and was bought for the hospital with the help of our supporters like you. It consists of a mattress which keeps babies like Noah cooled to a stable temperature of 33.5°C for 72 hours – the period recommended for optimum outcomes.

Noah is now a happy, healthy young boy

I don’t want to think what might have happened to Noah without this equipment, says Claire.


“He’s now a perfectly healthy little boy. We’re incredibly grateful”.


Technological advancements mean upgrades to vital equipment are needed continually to keep Perth Children’s Hospital at the forefront of paediatric health care. You can help the Foundation to continue to fund state-of-the-art equipment like the Medi-Therm Cooling System by making a donation below:





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Meet Noah

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