Meet our delightful donation tin distributor – Heny!

Heny is one of our regular volunteers who has taken to the streets of Perth to distribute more of our donation tins in shops, cafes, bars and other small businesses.


So far Heny has placed over 482 donation tins around Perth, raising $32, 226 to date for the Foundation. So if you see one of our donation tins somewhere, chances are Heny is the lady responsible!


We wanted to shine the spotlight on Heny as a way of saying thank you for all her wonderful efforts so read on to find out where her amazing motivation comes from!


How did you first become involved as a volunteer for the Foundation?

I first became involved five years ago when I found out the Foundation needed volunteers to raise money through gift wrapping at Myer. I signed up and started volunteering as I love wrapping beautiful Christmas presents.

I was born in Indonesia with a Dutch influence, so as a child I was always captivated by the arrival of “Sinterklaas” and his helpers the “Zwarte Piet” who would arrive on a horse carrying a big sack full of presents. They were always beautifully wrapped in attractive paper and ribbons, and the good children would get their present and unfortunately the naughty ones had the Zwarte Piet to deal with…

Presently, I am still captivated by the “magic” of Christmas.


Why did you choose to volunteer for Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation?

My main reason for volunteering for the Foundation was my affection for children. A large part of my life revolves around children, my own children and many others that I have taught at cooking classes and at childcare centres I used to work for.

Having gone through motherhood myself, I know firsthand what it feels like to have a sick child. It is very upsetting to see any child suffer.

I love volunteering for the Foundation as I know that my time will assist with fundraising which ultimately helps sick children in hospital get well again and back home.


What is the best part about volunteering for the Foundation?

There is never a dull moment and there is always someone with a cheerful smile that has time to have a chat with me.  Once, while I was waiting at the Foundation’s reception area someone said to me:

“Heny, you are welcome anytime and don’t wait out there.  Come in and find us at the back, this place is your place too”.

This warmed my heart and made me feel very welcome.



Heny volunteering at one of our community merchandise stalls.

What activities or events have you been a part of as a volunteer?

Besides Christmas gift wrapping, I have been involved in lots of other ways.

I’ve helped out by selling merchandise and raffle tickets at shopping centres and helping out at different community events like the Pregnancy, Babies and Children Expo and The Color Run.

I’ve also helped in the hospital with the sausage sizzle during NAIDOC Week celebrations and cooking pancakes on the Oncology Ward.

Most recently I’ve been volunteering as a Donation Tin distributor, which I’ve been doing one or two days a week.


What is your favourite foundation volunteering memory?

When a woman ran after me and asked if she could host a donation tin!!


What do you like about being a donation tin volunteer?

It’s a challenge and I enjoy the happiness I feel when someone agrees to host a donation tin!

I also love meeting people who are passionate about hosting a donation tin and want to help to raise funds for the children’s hospital.

My efforts feel very rewarding and it has given me a purpose in life. Every day when I leave the Foundation after a tin run I feel so light-hearted that I often have to remind myself that there’s a speed limit during my drive home…


What advice would you give to anyone who would like to be a donation tin volunteer:

It doesn’t matter how little or how many tins you manage to place each day, even if you don’t manage to place a single one, don’t get discouraged.  Your time and efforts are priceless. Hopefully we are able to help make life better for the children in hospital by the small efforts we are able to give.


If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?

I would think I want to be Peter Pan. Peter Pan doesn’t age and he flies, that way I would be able to place more donation tins!


If you’d like to volunteer like Heny or are interested in hosting a donation tin in your workplace – please email Amber our Volunteer Coordinator today!

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