Meet our Marketing Intern James!

In mid-November, Marketing and Public Relations student and all-round good guy James Day joined the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation as our Marketing and Communications intern. We asked him some questions about his experience as an intern. These were his responses.


How did you hear about the internship?

I heard of the internship availability through the PCHF’s Facebook page. Their Facebook page had shared a post recently, advertising that they were after an intern(s) to work in their marketing department. Because the Foundation is so well-regarded and has a fantastic purpose, I sent in my resume straight away.


What were your initial thoughts about the internship?

I was very excited upon hearing I was successful in getting the internship. I knew adding the fact I’d interned at the PCHF would look great on my resume. More important than that, however, was the fact I would be getting priceless experience from working in my desired field.

Our marketing intern James


What was a typical day at the internship?

I would start off the day by getting everyone’s coffee orders and spending an hour or two making them (only joking).

During my internship, the Foundation has been working on The Big Splash WA; a campaign designed to raise awareness and funds for Perth Children’s Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health unit. The campaign involved dolphin sculptures being designed by artists, then being transported to various important geographical locations around the City.

Interning during The Big Splash WA was excellent. I was able to witness how an organisation plans for and designs a campaign from start to finish. I was able to sit in on meetings with the marketing department. I was given tasks to complete each day, which were important for the campaign. Each day was different, rewarding and taught me new lessons about marketing and teamwork.


What have you learnt from the internship?

Since every day of the internship is different, I am constantly learning different skills. I became proficient operating the social media accounts for PCHF. I created an ‘influencer email’ to send to possible social media collaborators, informing them of the cause and proposing a partnership. I sourced materials and gifts to give the influencers to incentivise them to work with the Foundation. I watched and was encouraged to contribute to meetings and plans as they were being carried out.

The internship showed me what happens every day in an office environment, as well as in a smaller marketing team. I also learned that in the future, I will be confident going into a new environment and working in the marketing field!


Would you recommend the internship to others?

Absolutely. The internship with PCHF has provided me with experience and skills that I look forward to taking into any Marketing jobs in the future. Everyone at the Foundation was extremely professional and made me feel like a valued member of the Foundation, rather than a disposable intern who is a glorified barista. I was encouraged to espresso my opinions. I learned a latte from the internship. I’m sure they learned how bad my puns are.

I could not recommend the internship more highly to others. If you’re reading this and considering about applying, stop considering and do it. This has been a terrific experience and one that I’m so pleased I was able to get. You will learn in a hard-working environment, surrounded with a skilled and friendly team of people. There are many different roles in which you can intern or volunteer, so jump in and get started!


Did your experience meet your expectations? Was your experience positive?

My experience has been very positive. The internship with PCHF taught me far more about Marketing than I thought possible. Everyone that worked there was very welcoming, which made working there fun and rewarding.

I would rate my experience 10/10. It more than met my expectations. I am so happy and thankful that PCHF gave me this experience.



Lastly, I would like to thank PCHF for the kindness and generosity they showed me during my time as an intern. Thank you to Glenda and Janmarie for being so warm and easy to work with. Special thanks to Amber and Sharn, who both went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and at ease in the office. Both girls would ask and were genuinely interested in how I was every morning. They’d answer my questions and were more than willing to teach me new skills and pass their experience on. Both have been great mentors. I can’t thank you both enough.


If you would like to find out more about becoming an intern with PCHF or would like to volunteer your time, click below:

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Meet our Marketing Intern James!

In mid-November, Marketing and Public Relations student and all-round good guy James Day joined the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation as…