Oliver’s story

Nine year old Oliver has cerebral palsy. He visits PMH at least 18 times each year.

He has had two major surgeries on his legs, attends regular rehab sessions to gain strength and mobility, and receives injections to help control muscle spasms.

Oliver’s mum, Corrina, describes him as a happy child with a witty sense of humour.

“Oliver is amazing. He loves music, has a great singing voice and is learning the piano and guitar. I wouldn’t be surprised if he joins a boy band or becomes the next Justin Bieber!

“I am immensely proud of Oliver. He works really hard at Rehab and as a result is great at ball games. He loves soccer, footy and cricket. He is also a good student and is exceling in maths at school,” she explains.

But it’s not all plain sailing. Oliver endures intense pain which is incredibly difficult for Corrina to watch.

“It breaks my heart,” says Corrina.


Oliver during one of his many stays in PMH.

“After Oliver’s last operation in February this year (2017), he was in unbearable pain after his epidural was removed. It took the Pain Management Team some time to work out how to get his pain under control.

“It was unbelievably difficult not being able to take that pain away for him. I felt so helpless at the time.

“Knowing that so many people are there to help and support Oliver on his journey is really encouraging. From the team of doctors, nurses, OT’s and other therapists that work with Oliver, through to the team in Megazone who help put a smile on his face.

“And of course all the amazing volunteers and people who donate to organisations like Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation. Their generosity makes such a huge difference.”

You can show Corrina and Oliver how much you care by making a donation today.

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