The dolphins are in town!

The Big Splash WA initiative has been developed in response to the alarming increase in the number of children and young people presenting to Emergency Departments with self-harm and attempted suicide – a 400% increase in the last five years.


Developed in conjunction with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, this initiative is raising awareness of children’s mental health and equipping young people and their families with tools and resources to help them cope with whatever life throws at them.


The dolphin was chosen to represent The Big Splash WA because of the many similar traits between dolphins and humans.  Like us, dolphins thrive in groups, display distress in isolation, have distinct personalities and flaws, protect their young and most vulnerable, and need to come up for air and to blow off steam from time to time.


In order to engage as many West Australians as possible in raising child mental health awareness, a pod of vibrant dolphin sculptures has provided the city with a splash of colour along The Big Splash WA Art Trail.


Painted by commissioned artists, these dolphins provide the public an opportunity to show their support for child and adolescent mental health while learning ways in which to stay mentally healthy themselves.


Things to do:

Download our app ‘The Big Splash WA’.

Start the conversation about kids’ mental health as you wander about the trail.

Visit all 36 dolphins – make a day of it or see them over a few days.

Tell all your friends and family to visit the trail.

Share your dolphin selfies with us on social media @pchfwa and #thebigsplashwa #pchfwa.

Show your support for kids’ mental health by donating at

Take on a The Big Splash WA Challenge… do the Dolphin Dance, do a shout out for kids’ mental health, or make your own Dolphin Pod – see for more details.

Be kind to the dolphin sculptures by not climbing on them or stepping on their delicate tails.


Download the App

The Big Splash WA app is available to download from the App Store or Google Play and allows you to discover dolphins, unlock exciting rewards, download lots of mental health tips, view your trail progress, add photos to our Dolphin Gallery and share on social media. You can also access our shop and make a donation.

App rewards have been provided by our dolphin sponsors and supporters including Nova 93.7, BIGW, Bakers Delight, Officeworks, VBurger and many more!

Just $1.99* from the App Store and $1.89 from* Google Play – search for ‘The Big Splash WA’.

*Net proceeds will be donated to Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Discover dolphins

From the home screen click on ‘Open Trail’ to find and locate dolphins on the map.  Or you can select ‘Trails’ in the top left menu.

When you discover a dolphin, simply enter the four-digit code found on its plaque to unlock additional information and find your reward.  There are two ways to enter the code: on the dolphin’s page or by clicking the ‘Found’ tab at the top.  Plus you can give the dolphin a vote or share!

Unlock rewards

When you discover and collect dolphins you’ll pick up lots of exciting rewards along the way! There are also badges available when you complete certain milestones such as finding your first dolphin, making an early start or visiting three dolphins in an hour.

Your stats

Track your progress around The Big Splash WA trail. See how many dolphins you’ve collected, how many rewards you’ve unlocked and what percentage of the trail you’ve covered. Plus, you can see which dolphins have received the most votes and visits.

Farewell Weekend

Before our amazing dolphins swim off to their permanent homes, we will bring the whole pod together for a special farewell on 17 and 18 March. The Big Splash WA Art Trail dolphin pod will be joined by a number of dolphin calves painted and decorated by children throughout WA participating in The Big Splash WA Schools Program. This will be your only chance to see the whole pod in one place along with their amazing little calves.  There will be some very special photo opportunities along with family fun and activities. Details of this special weekend will be announced during the trail.


For more information visit The Big Splash website. 

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The dolphins are in town!

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