Their Stories Matter

Your support makes a big difference – and their stories matter.

See below the impact our Foundation and donors have made to the lives of sick kids around WA.


robotic arm

In 2014, Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation funded Australia’s first Paediatric Robotic Arm used by the Kids Rehab WA team’s occupational therapists. In 2017, a second robotic arm was funded, as well as a YouGrabber system which complements the Robotic Arm. 

While the Robotic Arm works on upper limb mobility and strengthening, the YouGrabber focuses on fine motor controls and development of the hands and fingers as well as reaction time, visual attention and concentration.

Best of all, the device uses video games to keep children motivated. These are tailored to the individual child’s level of recovery. Immediate feedback allows therapists to monitor and analyse the child’s progress, and therapists can then decrease the level of physical support the patient gets from the device.

Thanks to the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation and its donors, WA kids have access to cutting edge equipment to aid their recovery.




ruby’s story

Born prematurely at 27 weeks, Ruby was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at three months old. She has attended intensive therapy at the hospital to improve mobility and for treatment. 

Ruby can now walk independently for short periods as well as get herself safely from the floor to standing position.

Ruby is a social, energetic girl who dreams of being an astronaut, ballerina, doctor, teacher and acrobat. 

Thanks to Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation funding, the Kids Rehab WA team at the Perth Children’s Hospital have established the Early Intensive Intervention Program (EIIP) for children who are identified as at risk for cerebral palsy.

Early intervention is likely to have a greater, positive lifelong effect for children like Ruby, allowing them to live their happiest and healthiest lives.



the walking aide

Over the past four years, physiotherapist Dayna Pool and her research team have conducted and published numerous studies to establish the effect of electrical impulse devices to improve children’s ability to lift their toes, rather than using a rigid brace.

The original ‘Walk Aide Device’ was highly successful in improving walking ability, strength and balance in a group of 32 children and teenagers.

Thanks to the generosity of Perth CHildren’s Hospital Foundation donors, research is underway to find innovative ways to provide treatment to children and adolescents with cerebral palsy.

““More recently, I’ve been exploring new technology that has been released. It doesn’t replace the Walk Aide but for some patients it’s better. This new device is more slim line and much cheaper,” explains Dayna. “More children both nationally and internationally will be able to consider the use of this treatment.”




olivia’s fight

Olivia was eight years old and loving school, playing with her friends, dancing and getting outdoors when she began experiencing daily headaches and sickness. “I knew something was wrong,” says her mum, Bianca. “I just never imagined that it would be something so big and life-changing for us.”

An MRI found Olivia had a large brain tumour and she needed emergency surgery at Perth Children’s Hospital. Afterwards she couldn’t walk, talk, swallow or even breathe on her own. There were many tough days ahead for Olivia and her family, but they stayed positive.

Olivia loved using the Robotic arm to recover function in her paralysed right arm and learn to write again. But her favourite was music therapy, which included singing and playing instruments. This was a fun and involving way for her to build her strength, attention span, memory and coordination. And it helped her express and process her emotions, especially her frustration and distress that she couldn’t do things she used to do before.

“Olivia would be stuck in a wheelchair and she couldn’t be the person she is today if she hadn’t received those services,” says Bianca.

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Their Stories Matter

Your support makes a big difference – and their stories matter. See below the impact our Foundation and donors have…

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