Volunteers – helping make a difference

Without our dedicated volunteers, the Foundation would not be able to do the wonderful work that we do for children and families throughout Western Australia. From manning the Foundation’s Gift Shop, preparing annual receipt mail-outs, setting up for fundraising events and bringing Stitches the Bear to life, volunteers take on a wide range of jobs.


Dolores –39 years and counting!

Dolores has been an integral part of the hospital family, volunteering for the last 39 years.  As one of the original PMH volunteers, she worked in most areas of PMH and is continuing her important work at Perth Children’s Hospital in the Foundation’s Gift Shop.


On a Thursday morning anyone who visited the Volunteer Kiosk at PMH had the pleasure of seeing Dolores’ smiling face. She was one of two volunteers that started the PMH Kiosk on level 4, selling lollies and other essentials to families who were at PMH for appointments or desperately needed a pick-me-up during longer admissions.


Dolores began volunteering when her youngest child was at school. Very shy and unsure, she made herself go for her first interview and the rest, as they say, is history.


It really was the best thing I ever did. I remember having to literally force myself out the door, but I’ve never regretted that first step. Volunteering gives me so much joy.


Dolores was no stranger to other parts of PMH. She worked in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the Friendship Room near theatre, and the hospital school.  She was also an integral part of the PMH Volunteer Committee serving as Vice President for several years.


“I was very lucky and started volunteering when it was still part of the role to look after the babies in the NICU. It’s my favourite memory, getting to know the parents. I’m still in touch with some of them. Their babies have grown up and are now bringing their own babies in!” explained Dolores.


“It will be 40 years next year that I have been coming to the hospital. I love seeing familiar faces and spending time with the friends that I have made over the years. I certainly have no intention of retiring just yet!”


David – 20 years with the Foundation

David has been volunteering with the Foundation for 20 years.  Since retiring, David has volunteered every Tuesday morning and has recently increased his volunteering to Friday mornings as well.


David’s daughter Joanne spent time in PMH when she was a child so he has experienced the amazing work the hospital does. His great grandson Brock also spent time in PMH when he was younger, while his granddaughter Casey is now a doctor at the hospital.


“I just wanted to help in any way I could, I like knowing that my volunteering time is valuable to the Foundation,” he explained. “Initially I assisted with selling merchandise; I also used to assist with mailing out merchandise from the Foundation office. I have helped with lots of event preparation over the years. I help with whatever needs doing. In recent years, I am involved with the mail out of donation receipt letters.


The Foundation is something special; it’s something our community should support. When you have children and family that have spent time in hospital you just want to support them in any way you can.”


David enjoys the feeling that he is helping children that are sick. He is happy to help in whatever way he can and is excited about being in the new surroundings at Perth Children’s Hospital.


It’s the people who work at the hospital that are important, not the name or the buildings. That sense of camaraderie hasn’t changed because I still get to spend time with the staff and other Foundation volunteers.


Shelby – having a mega-fun time

Shelby joined the Foundation as a Mega-Fun volunteer spending one day a week in the Megazone play area at PMH.  She has brought her smile and laughter to Fun on Four at Perth Children’s Hospital where she helps out with art and craft activities, setting up the movie theatre, playing games and ensuring children are entertained and safe in the area.


Shelby’s foster sister, Tiambrah, has spent a lot of time at the hospital. Megazone provided her with a joy filled space she could relax and have fun in between appointments.  Having seen how much the area helped Tiambrah, Shelby was keen to get involved.


“As soon as I turned 18 and was eligible, I applied to become a volunteer with the Foundation. I couldn’t wait to become a Volunteer! Being able to continue on in the new hospital is also very exciting!”


I wanted to give something back as I’ve seen the amazing work the staff do every day. I’m also studying nursing and would love to work in paediatrics so it’s the perfect volunteer role for me, I get so much out of it.


Shelby loves being able to spend time with the kids. “Being able to brighten the day of kids in hospital is a great feeling, but really it is the kids who brighten my day. I learn so much from the kids. Despite everything that is going on in their lives and whatever condition they may have, they are always so happy and smiley and full of energy. I leave every shift feeling happy. It’s the highlight of my week.”


Shelby encourages other young people to become volunteers with the Foundation. “Definitely do it and don’t hold back, it is so rewarding. It’s incredible to see how much energy the kids have, despite their illnesses. I leave every shift feeling happy and exhilarated!”


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Volunteers – helping make a difference

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