Spring Fundraising Appeal

Let’s fund innovative equipment for Kids

Rehab WA

Help sick children in the fight to regain their mobility. Kids Rehab WA treats kids with acquired brain and spinal injuries, Cerebral Palsy, and other physical injuries to get back on their feet. So far, your support has made a big difference.

Their stories matter

Your support makes a big difference

Thanks to the generosity of your support, over the last 12 months Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation was able to provide $6.6 million in grants to give kids a chance to live their healthiest and happiest lives.

Enabling staff to discover new and
improved ways of preventing and
treating childhood disease.
Attracting, training and supporting
world class clinicians, medical
researchers, alllied health support staff
and nurses who care for thousands of
children and their families each year.
family assistance
Supporting families through the
Regional Assistance Program which
helps to cover accommodation costs
for families who live outside the Perth
metropolitan area while their child is in
medical equipment
Ensuring the hospital staff have
access to the most technologically
advanced medical equipment so they
can provide the best possible care to children.
Making a hospital stay a better
experience for children and their
families through a range of activities
from our Artist in Residence and
Music Therapy programs to our
Fun on Four recreational area.



We were also able to commit an additional $28.43 million in funding to longer term projects and initiatives at Perth Children’s Hospital over the next five years.

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