Other ways to give this Christmas

Giving kids the chance of a happy Christmas

Christmas is a magical time for children.  Twinkling lights, carols by candlelight, visiting Santa in the local shopping centre, the anticipation of Christmas Eve, and the excitement of waking up early on Christmas morning to open all your gifts.

Sadly, many children face the prospect of spending Christmas in hospital hooked up to equipment and hoping that Santa knows where to deliver their presents.

The main way you can help support Perth Children’s Hospital this Christmas is through our Christmas Appeal, however there are a number of other ways you can help children in hospital this Christmas:


Make a cash donation

A donation will help ensure the team at PCH have the best chance of getting children well enough to spend Christmas at home with their families.



Join our Christmas Lights for Perth Children’s Hospital campaign

Throughout December, houses throughout WA are lighting up to bring some Christmas spirit to their neighbourhood while raising funds for kids at PCH.

You can join them by:

  1. Registering to be a Christmas Lights home so we can add you to our list of houses to visit and send you promotional materials including signage, merchandise and collection tins.
  2. Visiting Christmas Lights houses and showing your support by making a donation and purchasing our special Christmas merchandise.

Click here for details on how to register.



Purchase something from the Christmas range in our online shop

From Christmas cards and baubles to Stitches teddies, Perth Firefighter calendars and children’s books – we have a great range of gifts.  And the best thing is that you will be helping kids every time you purchase something from our shop!

shop now



Hold your own Christmas fundraiser for kids at Perth Children’s Hospital

There are lots of ways you can fundraise for kids in hospital this Christmas – from organising your own special event, to getting sponsored for a challenge (perhaps not eating any fruit mince pies until Christmas day!) or asking family and friends to donate to Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation instead of giving you a gift. The only limit is your imagination!


Click here to find out more about holding a fundraiser, including a copy of our fundraising guidelines and toolkit.