ELiP: Team Tearne – The Big Splash WA

Our challenge

Our team saw the Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy program as a compelling opportunity to raise much needed funds for a cause close to all of us. Additionally, it was a chance to create a spirit of philanthropy amongst our peers and contribute to the WA community whilst strengthening our own leadership abilities and networks.
As a team we decided to raise funds for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, and here’s why.




Mental health is one of the top three most important issues for young Western Australians. Four times as many young people are now presenting to Emergency Departments with repeated self-harm and attempted suicide compared to five years ago. An estimated 50% of children and adolescents are not accessing mental health resources until a serious crisis unfolds.

The message from mental health experts was clear – in order to turn the tide on this alarming increase, prevention and early intervention are crucial.  Children and their loved ones must be given the tools to recognise and cope with issues as they arise.



 How we raised awareness and funds

The Big Splash WA

With advice from the experts in the field, we worked with PCH Foundation and WIA to develop The Big Splash WA.  We needed to shine a light on and initiate conversations around mental health to ensure young people, and the wider community, understand three key messages:

  1. You are not alone.
  2. It’s OK to talk about your feelings and concerns.
  3. Real help is available.


Watch The Big Splash WA Wrap-Up video below:



Click below to read our Partnership Report:










As a team we have been honoured to participate in this program and have the opportunity to create a conversation around child and adolescent mental health, we thank the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation immensely for this. We are incredibly thankful to our mentor, coaches and our three major sponsors: The Rowley Foundation, South32 and Deloitte who provided the financial foundation to allow this conversation to get started. And finally we would like to thank the other wonderful sponsors, volunteers, supporters and donors because of whom this was such a success.

How you can get involved

Go to www.thebigsplashwa.com.au



I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks, on behalf of all of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and the children of Western Australia to the ELiP team who came up with the fantastic concept of the Big Splash campaign. This campaign has been really effective in communicating important messages about wellbeing and mental health in a fun and engaging way which is helps to destigmatise and normalise these important issues. The school packs have assisted in developing the capacity of students and teachers to talk early and often about mental health and to  develop emotional resilience. It has been a wonderful campaign and a huge thanks to all involved.

Dr Caroline Goossens

Director of Clinical Services, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service


Meet our team

team leader: Emma Tearne
Consultant, McKinsey & Company, Inc.
I’m so incredibly grateful to the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation for the experience of participating in the inaugural Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy program. The program has been at once more wonderful and more challenging than I ever thought! Having said that, I’m incredibly proud and excited by the event that our team is working to bring to Perth to raise much needed funds for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.

David Pusey
Strategic Project Lead, Royal Flying Doctor Service
I was immensely proud to be part of the inaugural ELIP program. Driving change by educating our next generation is powerful and extremely fulfilling. Education is the critical foundation that influences individuals, their families and communities in which we live and work. The ELIP program allowed me the opportunity to engage with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit of WA to raise awareness of the crippling mental health issues that affect so many. Just as important was raising funds to be able to deliver the programs that will assist those affected by mental health both directly and in-directly. Thanks for the opportunity.
Louise Scott
Executive Director, Strategy, Brand & Marketing, Tourism WA
The ELiP programme is an excellent opportunity to give something back but also to learn something about yourself and others in your team. The programme affords the opportunity to learn from high profile individuals who have made their own philanthropic journey and from industry leads in communications and marketing. It also encourages you to think outside your normal work and life environments and broadens your awareness of significant issues affecting our society. All in all an excellent opportunity with a dynamic leader who will keep you on track throughout your journey.
Matt Lucarelli
Director, Capstone Construction
The PCH Foundation’s Emerging Leaders program is ground breaking in it is aim of encouraging professionals to start their philanthropic journey much earlier in their careers. It has been a humbling experience to be one of the first to go through the program and be given the guidance and support of the foundations outstanding staff and supporters. We set out with the aim of starting conversations and raising awareness of the mental health issues facing young Australian’s, and we are so proud of what the team and foundation managed to create.
Matthew MacPherson
Executive Manager Technical Services, Town of Mosman Park
The program for me has been a real eye opener, and made me understand that I can make a difference in some way - but making a large impact is no-where as easy as you think. This is especially the case in areas which get less than investment than they require. The cause we supported, Childhood Mental Health, showed me that some issues impact all of us, either directly, or those around us, whether we know it or not. I now have a much greater appreciation for those giving of their own time to causes, which is worth more than just money, as the countless hours behind the scenes is what brings it all together, and often goes unnoticed.
Tanvi Haria
Chief Finance Officer/General Manager Commercial and Corporate Services, Fremantle Ports
It has been an absolute privilege and energising experience to have been part of the inaugural PCHF Inaugural Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy program. It has been an inspiring journey made even more incredible through the power to make a meaningful difference, however small, to a young soul somewhere, sometime. Child and adolescent mental health is critical for the success and future of our society. ‘Be the change you wish to see.
Louise Forster
Head of Brand & People, Chorus
I have enjoyed supporting the ELiP team and particularly benefited from the media relations training session.



Meet our mentor



Meet our coaches




Meet our fireside speakers


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