ELiP: Team Whiston

Our challenge

Our team joined the Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy program as we wanted to give something back to our community. We wanted to see if we could provide a solution. Could we somehow offer more equitable solutions?

We were shocked to learn that Australia’s Aboriginal people have poorer health than non-Aboriginal people, a fact that is demonstrated by a life expectancy gap. Imagine what you have achieved in the last 10 years… because that is the length of time that isn’t afforded the average Aboriginal person in Australia today!

To work towards closing this gap, Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) and Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) researchers are creating solutions that are relevant to the indigenous and other under-represented populations; that are person centric and enable care in remote regions. These solutions will have broader applications for the general population.

PMH are part of an extensive international collaboration to objectively assess subtle facial clues that can help with the diagnosis of conditions and monitoring of medical treatments. We needed to grow the database of facial images and ensure this exciting technology is applicable to the care and treatment previously at PMH and now that PCH provides to Aboriginal children.

How we raised the funds

To fund this innovative health solution, we formed collaborations between three foundations resulting in over $360,000 to support Dr Gareth Baynam and his team at PMH/PCH. They are now developing the world’s first database of 3D Facial Images of Aboriginal kids. In the future, this should provide faster, better and more accurate diagnosis and treatment of sick children in remote and regional communities, right here in WA.

To the Foundation – Thank you for allowing us to represent you as part of this program. What you’ve created has had an enormous impact on us individually,
This program has outstanding potential to be a shining light in the WA community and we wish you all the very best for its bright future.

Goldfields Australia Foundation – Thank you for your generous $50,000 donation and for making this happen for the Goldfields region of WA.

Roy Hill Community Foundation, in particular Jeanette Hasleby and Barry Fitzgerald – Thank you for your overwhelming generosity,
committing to a three-year programme costing $298,000 ensuring that this work will be ongoing in the Pilbara region.



On the behalf of the estimated 63,000 children in WA living with a rare disease I would like to give the most heart-felt thanks to the ELiP team. The style, grace, commitment, passion, enthusiasm and effectiveness of the ELiP team, led by Daniel Whiston, cannot be overstated. Without them we would not have been able to deliver the Pilbara Faces initiative to improve care and provide equitable innovation, for Aboriginal children, with and without rare diseases in WA; and beyond. The amazing and inspiring work of the ELiP team, has delivered a multiplier effect that exceeds, and is empowered by, the initial partnerships and the very significant funds raised. This initial ripple that is turning into a tsunami now extends across sectors and across the globe.  I am sure the effects will continue to endure and resonate for local and global impact. Personally, it has been an amazing journey and an incredible partnership with people that I have the great pleasure to count as, and on, as colleagues and also dear friends. THANK YOU ELiP !

Dr Gareth Baynam

Clinical Geneticist, Genetic Services of Western Australia

Head, Western Australian Register of Developmental Anomalies

Angela Wright Bennet Foundation Clinical Fellow for Undiagnosed Diseases in Children and Youth

Director, Undiagnosed Diseases Network International – Australia

Adjunct Genomics Policy Advisor, Office of Population Health Genomics

Clinical A/ Prof, School of Paediatrics and Child Health, UWA

Clinical A/ Prof, Institute for Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Murdoch University

Adjunct A/Prof, Western Australian School of Mines, Science and Engineering, Curtin University

Honorary Research Fellow, Telethon Kids Institute


Meet our team – our parting thoughts

team leader: Daniel Whiston
Chief Financial Officer, NS Projects
It has been an absolute privilege being involved in the ELiP program this past year. To be offered an experiential leadership program, supported by a highly regarded not-for-profit and with mentoring from some of the best business and philanthropic leaders in Australia, has been incredible.

Adam Frediani
Managing Director, Evlyn Forever Holdings Pty Ltd
It's love that obviously pushes all of us through life. To be the best we can be and do the best we can do.
Amy Ward
Owner and Creative Director, Anthologie
The wise words and sagely advice from seasoned business leaders, the chance to give back to my community and raise awareness of important issues but most of all, to be connected to an amazing group of immensely talented and committed people who I'm honoured to now call my friends.
Cameron Waugh
Analyst – Corporate Finance (M&A), KPMG
The opportunity to be able to provide a much needed resource to an organisation that so desperately needs it, while also being mentored by some of the most influential and successful people in our society has been invaluable. The vast amounts of passion from all involved has been a humbling experience.
Darian Mack
Solution Specialist, Cloud Infrastructure, Microsoft
Thank you for the last year in ELiP - it's been a fantastic experience. I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved as a team in the program.
Gemma Modra
Senior Manager, KPMG
This has been a phenomenal experience. I am so very, very proud of what we achieved and inspired to continue along this path of philanthropy. I hope to, but don’t think I ever will, experience something quite as special as being a member of the Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy
Hannah Atkins
Solicitor, Herbert Smith Freehills
The discussion around values was a really lovely element that I wasn’t expecting. The program isn’t just about raising money and developing what you may view as traditional “business” skills, but is also about self-reflection, developing your values, thinking about what impact you can make and what you would like to be remembered for.


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