Investing in Happiness

Hospitals can be a frightening experience for children and their families.

Providing moments of happiness and fun for patients and their families through a wide range of complementary services, is crucial to relieving some of the tension that goes along with having a child in hospital and is a critical part of what we do.

Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation supporters fund education materials and therapeutic experiences for patients such as creative workshops, cooking classes, respite programs and Stitches’ Bear Fairs.  They also provide opportunities for fun through facilities such as Fun on Four (previously Stitches’ Megazone at PMH), play rooms and upgrading outdoor spaces for children to enjoy and play in.

Your support is needed to ensure that teams of volunteers and staff can be recruited and trained to run the various programs that help make the hospital experience better and that supplies and facilities can be maintained and improved.

Fun on Four

Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation is also extremely thrilled about the new entertainment precinct, Fun on Four at Perth Children’s Hospital, which continues the Foundation’s long history of funding innovative programs. Kids will be able to create positive memories at the hospital, outside of the clinical environment.

Specialist areas include a large arts and craft area where children can create their own masterpieces, a music room complete with a range of instruments as well as music software and recording equipment.

Other amenities include dedicated toddler and tween spaces, an outdoor play area, cinema and a fully stocked ‘book bunker’, where children can transport themselves to another world through stories.


Our latest projects

regional assistance fund

Families living outside of the Perth metropolitan area who have a child receiving care at the hospital face large out of pocket expenses such as travel and accommodation. These costs can add up to thousands of dollars a year and only add to the stress that the family is already experiencing. The PCH Foundation Regional Assistance Fund is a key source of support for families during these times and helps to reduce the pressure felt by Western Australian families and patients living in regional areas who need care. Thanks to the support and donations given to the Foundation, families in remote or regional areas can be there for their children during these difficult times.


ward respite volunteer program

The PCH Ward Respite Volunteer Program is an innovative service for long-stay in patients and their caregivers. Trained volunteers provide social and emotional support to children, which allow their parents or caregivers a few hours of respite to spend in any way they wish. The program also gives the child the opportunity to form attachments with a volunteer who becomes a trusted person to them who they can relax, play games and have fun with.



Some of the other ways that your support has enabled Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation to invest in happiness at Perth Children’s Hospital include;

  • High Tea for those mums who spent Mother’s Day in hospital with their child. The Foundation also hosted a photo booth so mums could capture a special image with their child to mark the day.
  • The Artist in Residence Program which provides positive distraction for children and their families while relaxing them and creating opportunities to interact with other patients in the hospital.
  • A bus service for the Refugee Clinic to ensure families are able to make it to appointments.
  • Special events to celebrate key days and weeks such as Carer’s Day, Sorry Day and NAIDOC Week.
  • Music Therapy to help children to better cope with the illness, disorder, disease or other medical crisis which has caused them to be hospitalised.

We need your ongoing support to continue raising funds to provide complementary services to the hospital’s patients and their families.

Having a young child in hospital can be a terrifying ordeal not only for the patient but also for the parents, siblings and other family members.

These moments of happiness and hope go a long to making the hospital experience a more positive one.

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